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Post winter wash



I don't hand wash my truck through winter, only pressure wash. I live in MN, the main goal is to keep the salt off.
So this was the first hand wash since early November.
This is what I do:
Tires and wheels
Pressure wash rinse whole vehicle
Strip wash, APC
Clay bar

I let it sit overnight then dust then seal, glaze, buttery. H2O G&G every 2- 3 washes depending on how it was driven.

There was a ton of road crud on the paint plus some of that nasty stuff GM sprays on the frame, I had it resprayed.

Had about 2 hours into the clay process...

Wash time!

Clean paint only, no product.


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The undercoating on the frame is a soft waxy PITA :) It is hard to clean and some harsher chemicals tend to eat into it, it reminds me of what gasoline does to tar. 


The best cleaning results I have had is to spray the frame with a diluted APC, or bleech white, then scrub with an old rag. I have used undercarriage spray on the frame. it works but you go through a ton! 

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