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Audi R8...My Second Video

HFX Detailing

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First off, I would like to start with, this car is a beaut! Such an amazing car to work with on the outside. On the inside, it is a little tight, but so worth it . . . the car is gorgeous.


Here is my second attempt at a video:




Some products used:

Adams H2O Guard&Gloss
Adams VRT
Adams Interior Detailer
Adams Leather Conditioner
1) Wash tires
2) Rinse car
3) Two-bucket wash car
4) Rinse soap
5) Apply Guard&Gloss
6) Clay stubborn areas
7) Apply Guard&Gloss to clayed areas
8) Clean engine area
9) Take out mats for cleaning
10) Vacuum interior
11) Dress the interior
12) Clean windows
13) Condition seats with Adams Leather Conditioner
14) Finishing vacuum
15) Dress tires with VRT
This is a short version. If anyone wanted more details, let me know.
Questions? Comments? 
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Great video!


Do you ever wash inside the garage to avoid the sun?

Not in this one. My dream garage would have splash protectors that drape down on a track system from the ceiling. I also have to look into water-catching solutions.


We are not allowed drains here in garages. So all the water kind of sits there, and may/may not drain towards the door. 


There are plenty of options (such as those mats that go under the car), I am just not set on any of them yet.

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