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Vinyl stripes with water spots



I have a 1998 Dodge Ram SS/T. Had it repainted & new stripes (from Phoenix Graphics) about 9 months ago. The stripes have water spots. Probably from our hard water.

Other than a regular wash and a test area using vinyl cleaner (didn't work), I haven't tried anything yet.

What's be best method to get them cleaned up? The Phoenix Graphics site says "Always wax around your vinyl graphics. Wax can degrade the finish of the graphics over time."

The originals stripes never gave me any problems.


I'm a newbie. If I need to put the water in a bucket, please tell me :)







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So I checked out http://www.adamsforums.com/topic/13404-caring-for-factory-vinyl-stripes


What's recommended for the stripes:

Adam's Paint Finishing Polish ---or--- Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish
using a Blue Hex Grip Applicator & taping the edges


Then followed up with Adam's Brilliant Glaze and Adam's Super VRT


Hopefully I won't screw this up



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I would clay it then finish polish

Those look like matte stripes, and matte vinyl should not be clayed. I also would recommend not claying any type of vinyl, as the film can be damaged.


Also, only hand polishing, as a machine polisher can create too much heat or abrasion and damage the vinyl.

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