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Adams soap + cheap foam canon


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My neighbor had a foam canon, not Adams or the MTM. It was a Lemonbest brand I think. Here is my question, I know it's a cheap canon. But my pressure washer is a Greenworks 2000psi 1.2gpm. I know Adams says minimum of 1.3gpm. Will the .1 really make a difference? As you can see the car is covered in foam. But it's not real thick. And maybe I just didn't use enough soap.



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Hard to say without actually trying it but I heard a few members on here with your specific pressure washer, I'm sure they will chime in. It may take a few attempts to get the settings right for your pressure washer, I'm still tuning it after a few washes.

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The .1 gpm should not make much of a difference. I would say to play around with adjustment settings. How many times has it been used prior and did it have good results with other soap in that pressure washer? There are a lot of variables.


We recommend 3-4 oz of Car Shampoo for ours, you will want to fill the bottle mostly with water first, then pour in the shampoo.

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They still make those? I used one for a long time in the 2000s until they quit selling the filters.


No they stopped making them a long time ago but I still have and use mine every time I wash my car..

When I noticed that more and more places were discontinuing carrying them I went a head and bought years worth of filters/cartridges for it.

I am currently on my second to last filter now though and I don't think I will be paying the ebay prices for more :(

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