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H2O G&G on RV?



I have a travel trailer that is parked outside (won't fit in garage) so it is exposed to the elements.  It is new (2015) so it looks great, no fading, no stickers peeling, etc.  I would like to keep it that way... 


It appears, from reading RV forums, that lots of folks use Aerospace 303 Protectant.  But, it sounds like it's a chore to apply.  I LOVE the H20 G&G for it's results and ease of application.  Would it serve as a reasonable protectant to the exterior of a travel trailer?  It's bonded fiberglass (not metal) with vinyl stickers.


Thanks so much!


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Yes H20 G&G would definitely work.......you may want to consider the New Wash & Wax it would give you great protection as you wash.



Thanks for the suggestion. 


Just for clarification - would I use the W&W in place of the G&G?  Or are you suggesting that I use the W&W, then the G&G afterwards?

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