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Needs Some Assistance -- Tires Marking Up Garage Flooring


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So I need some suggestions, I have tried everything for these garage floor tiles.


I have the tiles listed in the link here:




I absolutely love them, except for the fact that the RS4's tires leave marks on them everytime I park following a drive that heats up the tires a bit. Here is a pic: post-4520-0-11180500-1473907435_thumb.jpeg


From what I've read, it's more of a chemical reaction, than a stain that can be removed?


I've tried, Adam's APC, 1Z W99, Rubber & Tire Cleaner, Goo Gone, Mineral Spirits, IPA, Goof Off, WD40, Simple Green, Citrus Degreaser....hmmmm, probably something I'm forgetting.


Any suggestions at removing? Or am I looking for a complete redesign of the floor to incorporate all black on that side lol.


Thanks, JB.....

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I had a similar experience with an epoxy floor.  I could scrub the marks off with a Mr. Clean Eraser but the floor was dull where I scrubbed.  I would try to park on the Black tiles or put a piece of carpet or something under the tire..

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Yeah, hopefully I won't have too, but that looks like the direction I'm headed. I noticed that on their website they have a special two part coating to put on the lighter tiles to eliminate tire marks. Ticks me off because when I bought them they made no mention of this.

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