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Gave the daily a cleaning


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Gave my DD a much needed cleaning. The paint is in bad shape and has been repainted at some point. Some of the car doesn't even have clear coat on it. So I always let it go longer than needed between details. It was long over due so I gave it a thorough cleaning. I also did all of it in the sun except for waxing. I did it in the shade only because I was burning up. Tire and rubber cleaner was used on the tires, and APC was used in the fenderwells. I kind of cleaned the hubcaps but wasn't too worried about them. I also used my foam cannon but forgot to take pics of that ????. Dried with GWT and detail spray. I used maybe half a spray per panel and no streaks, or spots in the direct sun!! Finally! Next was a layer of Buttery Wax and removed with single soft MF towel. Finished up with Tire Shine and Undercarriage Spray and VRT on the trim. I had also applied some H20 GG about a month ago that was for sure still there. The water basically fell off as I was washing it. Here are the results. Before and then after.













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