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FINISHED a long process...Lotus Evora

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So I've got some time off from work after having surgery to remove a few bone spurs from my ankle. I decided it was time to give my Lotus Evora some proper love. It only has 4,000 miles on it but it's had some swirls from the dealer I just hadn't gotten to taking care of yet. Most people wouldn't even notice them, but I know they're there and it's enough to bother me.


The car wasn't horribly dirty before, but figured I'd document the process a little bit. Here's a few before pics...so far I've gotten it strip washed and decontaminated with DWC. Just getting ready to start claying, but ended up starting a thread while I grabbed a bite to eat. It might take me a few days before the final product is really done. But I'll update here and there as I go! Enjoy!


And if anyone knows why my photos post at different roatations from my phone, I'd love to know why. And more importantly how to fix it.




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Can't wait to see the finished product! Awesome car and color by the way!


I am going to say that the reason why your pics are posting this way is the phone orientation when you take the picture.  I noticed this when I took a picture of my Adam's shelf and was holding my phone vertically. When I went to go post the picture it was on its side. I would say try taking your other pictures with your phone in a horizontal orientation see if that alleviates the situation. 


Can't wait to see the finished product brother!

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Thanks. I ended up doing a full correction on all the painted surfaces. For the parts with clear bra I used detail spray and sealant.


Up next is some glaze and two coats of patriot wax for what will hopefully be eye popping depth.


Here's a sneak peek of it sealed though. Hopefully the pic comes up right. I turned it horizontal like you suggested.




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Well, it's finally done. The entire car was completed utilizing only Adams Polishes products. The process was long, but since the car was in good shape to begin with, some steps weren't so bad. The order of events was:


- strip wash (using APC and car shampoo)

- decon with deep wheel cleaner (which didn't yield too many contaminants on the body).

- wheels cleaned with deep wheel cleaner, turbo stick and wheel whoolies;, tires cleaned with APC

- clay

- exhaust tips cleaned up with metal polish 1 & 2

- trim and rubber treated with VRT

- two step polish on all painted surfaces. Anywhere that had clear bra I used detail spray(I was hoping to just use finishing polish, but wasn't totally happy so did full correction.

- paint sealant

- brilliant glaze

- topped with two coats of Patriot Wax

- glass cleaned inside and out

- glass sealant on windshield

- reapply VRT to even it all out

- H2O Guard & Gloss used on the wheels; tire shine on tires


Interior done with total interior detailer, detail spray, leather and interior cleaner and leather conditioner


Enjoy. I'm happy with how it came out.







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