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Foam Cannon Issues

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I am having issues with my foam cannon, or not using it right. I fill it with about 3-4ozs of shampoo and fill the rest with water. I then shake it up and attach it to the pressure washer and go to town. However I barely get my entire car covered with foam before the canister runs empty. Ive tried dialing back the amount of foam to see if it prolongs the canister but didnt seem to help much and became too watery. Am I missing something? Or is this normal? If its normal Adams should look into offering a secondary larger size canister.

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Well I fill the bottle 3/4 full with warm water first, then I add my 3oz of car shampoo and then shake it. I've used it on my mothers Avalanche and foamed it twice in one wash. I also use it on the highest setting to get as much foam as possible. That's the order I do it in.

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