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Opti-Coat Pro ceramic paint protection coating



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Hi Bruce, we currently do not have any products designed specifically for maintaining ceramic coatings, but we do have several different options that would be safe and work to wash and maintain the vehicle without harming the coating or Xpel film. Our Adam's Car Shampoo or Adam's Wash & Wax would both be for washing the vehicle. Our Detail Spray could be used to add a little extra shine or used as a drying aid, and you could apply a wax like our Americana over top of the coated areas, but a wax is not 100% necessary with a coating, as they could alter the hydrophobic behavior of the coating. Be sure to stay away from edges of the Xpel film with any sealant or wax so that you don't have a visible wax line build up on that edge.


Our H2O Guard & Gloss could be used about every 4 or 5 washes or about once every 2 months for added protection on top of the coating instead of a wax. It's a water-activated acrylic sealant that is applied onto 1 or 2 wet panels at a time and then removed as you dry the vehicle. You could also use our Waterless Wash for light maintenance cleaning from dust accumulation in the garage or removing light dirt from a short drive.


Lastly, for procedures, you could follow our Two Bucket Wash Routine outlined on our Videos page here: http://adamspolishes.com/video

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