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Sticky/grabby windshield fixes



After reading all the threads lately on the new glass towels being grabby on inside windshield, wanted to ask the best way to fix this so the windshield wipes smooth and clean. I have tried clay and isopropyl alcohol but windshield is still very sticky/grabby. Just tried tonight, as I have seen many recommend, filled a bowl with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing soap, then wiped the glass with a soaked towel, but still didn't seen to change the grabby feel wiping the glass. Is blue dawn recommended? I just used what ever soap the wife had at the sink. Any other tips/tricks to remedy this situation?

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Try using a dry MF towel. My glass rarely needs glass cleaner. The dry towel does a great job of cleaning the haze and I don't have to worry about streaking since I'm not using product.


It took about 5-6 times to get to this point for me. Don't get discouraged when the first thing you try doesn't work. And the products used is also rarely the problem (towels and cleaner). The human factor is the cause of most of our issues. Not everyone does the process the same. I might spend 2 times a long as you on my windows or vice versa.

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