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I am thoroughly impressed...



to say the least!


I'm trying to quit using chewing tobacco (after more than 20 years) and I reached one of those points where I needed to focus my time on something else for a while. So I decided to focus on the interior of my truck; outside needs washed, but it was dark already. 


Although I've been a member for a couple of months and have spent a ridiculous amount of money on Adam's products, I hadn't had the opportunity to try any of them. Tonight I used the leather and interior cleaner and wow...it cleans amazingly! 


I used leather condition on all non-painted part/pieces inside and they look immaculate!


I used the detail spray on my touchscreen entertainment center and all grimy fingerprints are gone! 


I had high expectations for all the products I've ordered and just these 3 exceeded my expectations! Plus they smell amazing, LOL! I can't wait to break the rest out and get going!


Thanks Adams...

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