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Blue Car Wash question



I picked up a gallon of the blue cash wash and foam gun combo a few weeks back and used it for the first time yesterday.


First observation is the Foam gun works great....not necessary, but makes lots of foamy goodness, but I have a question about the blue shampoo.


Is it supposed to be so thick ? Mine is really thick, almost like a jelly consistency. I have a few empty 16oz red shampoo bottles that I have saved to fill with soap and the blue soap will not even flow through the funnel filler tool. It was really weird. The red shampoo flows no issue, but this blue stuff is all goopy, is it supposed to be this way ? Its not old to me, as I just got the gallon right around Halloween.


Also after I washed the car, it had all kinds of water spots left all over it after the wash. I washed the car the exact same way I have always done it and dried it off with my Master Blaster and car came out horrible.


Could I have a bad batch of shampoo or did I just use too much in my foam gun and the bucket of wash. I am used to the red stuff and I used the same amount that I usually do with the red. I forgot that the blue stuff is more concentrated, but I didn't think I over did it that much.


I will give it another wash next week to see if I just screwed up my wash but ?


thanks in advance.

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