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What sealant to use on polished lip wheels to prevent spotting/oxidation?



I'm looking to order another set of Boss 330 wheels that have a bare aluminum polished lip. it doesn't take much to make the lip spot up after driving in rain and will cause the lip to dull and oxidize. What's the best sealant to put on the lip to keep them from doing this? Here's a close up of the wheels I'm talking about. Thanks!







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Raw Billet Aluminum is a tough choice for a daily driver. Use Adam's LPS on the lips for some of the protection you're looking for. However, it's only going to do so much for so long. You'll be re-polishing and re-sealing the lips, at least, every month to keep them looking new.


The wheels I'm currently running on my GTO I'd purchased used from someone who was unable to keep up with them.




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