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Older harbor freight da polisher ??? Backing plates?



So I have a older (3 years ) harbor freight da polisher that I modded a year ago or so. Longer hardwired cord, repacked the gears, rotated the power switch to the top. All the normal stuff. Ive always been interested in a better backing plate as it came with a 6" plate with messed up Velcro but it did its job on my boys jeep yj beautifully.




Anyone replace the backing plate? If so to what. ? I'd like to run the 5.5" Adams pads but I need a corresponding backing plate.


The stock pad says 5/16 x 24 shaft size



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My 3" is the "old" design and felt no need to move the switch. I did repack the grease. The 5" is the newer design and I also re packed the grease in it. I use the 3" mainly when I restore headlights. I have probably close to 20 hours on this machine. It even survived the flood we had in SC last year. All I had to do was free the rusted brush springs. They are comparable in every way to a PC.

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