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So after getting several of my orders in I couldn't wait to try out the foam cannon and boy do I love it. I would really recommend it to anyone looking for one. It made the whole process of cleaning a breeze. I did the strip shampoo, after that I did the 2 bucket process with the car shampoo and wow just beautiful. The shine and everything after that process looks great. I didn't get after pictures due to it started to rain but believe me the shine is crazy with the butter wax. I am going to save some money to order a swirl killer to tackle the big jobs. Hands down the best products I've tried, the wheel cleaner and tire/rubber cleaner, glass cleaner work great! The interior detailer is fantastic leaves the interior looking new again. Finally the tire shine not only does it shine just to perfection but smells great. 


fyi the foam had been sitting for at least 3 minutes due to me grabbing my phone to take the pics.







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It's a slippery slope (no pun intended lol). You start using more and more soap and your find yourself making more orders.... This isn't a problem, just giving your wallet a heads up, LOL!


I would definitely turn the knob all the way to the right though.

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I'm not absolutely certain if the amount/thickness of the foam makes a scientifically verifiable difference in the cleaning and/or safety of the wash. But it makes me feel good thinking it does...and it's fun! :D


I would say the thickness of the foam definitely makes a difference in the cleaning and safety of the wash, for one reason: thicker foam clings longer to the paint before running off.


When the Foam Cannon is used as a pre-soak to help loosen up crud prior to the pre-rinse, then the longer the foam clings to the paint, the more time it has to loosen up the crud, allowing more to be rinsed away before you ever touch the paint with your wash media.


When the Foam Cannon is used as a replacement to the suds bucket, which is how I always wash, then the longer time that the thicker foam clings to the paint, the more protection that is still on the surface when I use the wash media. 


To be an effective replacement to the suds bucket, I use the Foam Cannon to apply shampoo to just a few panels, then use the wash media and rinsing the media in the Rinse Bucket, then move to the next area on the vehicle, foam it up, wash with media, rinse the media, and so forth.


I have found that the extra suds on the paint from using the Foam Cannon, compared to using a suds bucket, is more effective and safer for the paint, since there is more lubrication on the surface.

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That's pretty much what I have convinced myself of...whether scientifically absolute or not! So..."That's my story and I'm sticking to it!."  :D


It sounds like our approach is very similar. I foam the entire entire vehicle...my gas pressure washer doesn't have auto on/off like the sweet unit you have. I still use a suds bucket even with the car well foamed. If the wash media is picking up much grime, I spray it with the garden hose before cleaning it  in the rinse bucket with Washboard and Grit Guard. I change the water in the rinse bucket once or twice if at all concerned. Admittedly this might be overkill, but it doesn't take a huge amount of extra time or materials...and it raises my confidence level that I'm not damaging my vehicle during the wash.

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