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Sizes needed



As my number of products grow and are starting to get disorganized I decided to make a cart like a few I've seen in the forums. The question I have is what are diameters for the bottoms of the Sidekick, Aerosol Glass cleaner, and 32oz. bottles. I want to make to top now and have it ready when I add other products that I don't have currently.

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Hey Ken, no problem!


Sidekick = 4 5/8" or 110mm - keep in mind that the power cord protrudes outward and begins at 3" up from the bottom feet

Aerosol Glass Cleaner = 2 5/8" or 67mm (In & Out Spray is also this diameter) - outer ring diameter

32oz Bottles = 3 3/8" or 85mm


I would at least go a 1/4" larger diameter for each size, maybe more, so that you have some room to get the bottles in and out of the holder without scratching labels.

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