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How to clean/strip aggressively with least amount of contact?



Hey everyone, I never post here but have been happily using Adam's for several years. Now I need some advice.


My Trans Am is stored in the garage, which is great...except for when I need to do stuff that creates dust in the garage. So we recently remodeled our bathroom, which meant cutting tile in the garage since it was raining. I had the top half of the car covered, but obviously the mist created by the tile saw carried tile dust particles all over the garage - including the lower half of my car. 


I just bought the Porter Cable polisher and some Adam's products to try my first car polish, but I need to strip and clay the car before starting. I want to get as much of the tile particles off the car without touching it (don't I?). And I'd like to use products I have on hand: APC, Adam's Soap, Rinseless Adam's Waterless, blue Dawn, and a foam gun for the garden hose.


My thought was to mix APC with some Adam's soap in the foam gun and heavily soak the car for several minutes. Then I could rinse with either straight water or water + rinseless Waterless. And finally start the final wash as a 2 bucket wash with the Dawn or Adam's like normal. Am I on the right track or not even close? I just want as much of that porcelain dust off the car as I can get before rubbing a towel on it.


Thanks in advance.

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I would spend a few good minutes spraying down the car first, then I would foam it down really well, using car shmaooo with some all purpose cleaner, then go after it with the wash pad using the 2 bucket method, I would fill up the soap bucket like normal and then add 2 oz of all purpose cleaner. Once done washing rinse well and rewash if you want, then dry and start polishing!


200th post! Woot woot! :lol:;)

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Put the Dawn back in the kitchen. 


Waterless is great stuff...but I'm unsure it fits into this task.


I think you're basically on track by not rushing in with agitation. Rinse well, foam, rinse, foam, a bit heavy with the amount of Adams Shampoo in the soap AND rinse bucket. (Yep, Shampoo in the rinse bucket!) Mix up some shampoo 16:1 in a spray bottle and keep the vehicle surface and wash media well lubed with it.  


Additional Note:


If you don't want shampoo in the rinse bucket and prefer plain water, just give the wash media an extra squirt of shampoo-water mix after it comes out of the soap buck. ANYTHING you do to rid the wash media of the abrasive dust and lubricate it is good.

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