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APC 5 Gallon & Tire and Rubber Cleaner

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Hey guys,


Just wondering if anyone has ordered the 5 gallon of the APC lately? Curious if it's the new eco version or still the old?


Seems like every time I order something, the new version comes out just after.


Also, is it possible to get Tire & Rubber Cleaner in a 5 gallon? I don't see it listed. Maybe someone from Adam's can answer?


Planning on placing a longer term order of larger quantities so I can purchase in a smart manner and keep costs down. Also so I don't need to manage inventory so much.




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The APC will likely be the new version; if memory serves, they ran a sale on the old version to clear their inventory of the old. I haven't ordered any 5 gal items yet, but based on my experience (and I'm certain others') I'm pretty sure if you call Adam's directly they will do all they can to hook you up, including items that may not be posted on the website.

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