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Rug Doctor or Rent an Extractor




I own a 1994 Land Cruiser that I doubt has had its carpet cleaned since it was installed.  

I also own an older Rug Doctor Pro?(one of the blue ones, but not an X3).   It has hand held attachments but i'm not blown away by them on stairs, etc.


Was wondering if anyone has used these rug doctors for car interior cleaning, or if an extractor rental may be the way to go.   I'm no pro, but have 5 cars i could use the extractor rental on to make it worthwhile.  


Obviously an issue with the rug doctor is the water is only as hot as you can get from your faucet, whereas an extractor is heating it.  



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I’m an extractor guy personally. We use ours all the time. With five cars, renting one might be your best bet. I don’t know what they cost to rent, but the return has to be there on five vehicles. 

We use a Mytee lite 8070 in our shop. 

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