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LPS Applicator Options ?



Hey everyone, I'm doing my winter prep on my cars and just completed using LPS on the first one. I really struggle applying LPS effectively with the square microfiber applicators, they seem to create more work for me by using too much product and they're just uncomfortable as well. 


My question is, is there a hex applicator that could be used as well? I don't see one that is color coded grey or black. 


Any input is appreciated, THANKS!


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The first time I ever laid a sealant down I did it by hand using a microfiber sponge and experienced the same thing you are. I then tried a hex grip applicator (Different company, same thing) and while it worked better, it still doesn't lay down as thin as I wanted it to. 


Then comes along the application pad for a machine. These are hands down the best way to do it. Normally I will just use a 4" pad and do the whole vehicle like that instead of stopping to switch pads when I get to a small area. Since you're doing it with a machine you move much faster and it goes down thinner anyway. I keep the speed on 2-2.5 and buzz around the car in 10 minutes or so. 

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