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Foam gun insert mod



What’s going on everybody?! So I was scoping out a few different pages, including the forums. I was looking for a way to get more foam out of my foam gun. I found that some were taking out he inserts completely. While I found this brought more foam, it drank the mixture in seconds, I had to refill more than once to cover my truck.

so I took the smallest insert(yellow I believe). Since I don’t use that one, I took a 3/32 drill bit to the inside to make it about half the size of the opening you’d have if you removed in completely. This seemed to be a good compromise.asted just long enough to cover my truck(2016 tundra crewmax) so it’snot a small truck. And it delivered a noticeable increase in foam. The attached video has he result. Hope this helps and let me know what you think as well! 

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Something else you might consider is checking the water pressure at your hose bib.  Mine was super low when I tested it with my neighbors gauge...screwed right onto the bib.  I went to the water shutoff valve by the meter and cranked it up a bit.  Still well within water utility range but way better results with the foam gun.

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