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Buffing with painted pin stripes



My mom has her initials and painted pinstripes on her Lincoln MKZ. She runs it through the car wash all the time so I do not have to tell you how many swirls are in it. She is going on a cruise and I want to clean it up for her. How should I handle the painted stripes? Seems like I need to go over them somewhat 

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Hand painted/applied pin stripes, that are on top of the clear coat?


Tape them off with Detailing Specific (very light bond) Tape. Google to find some.Qp0nkMY.jpg




Hand Painted Pin Stripes are easy to remove with mechanical action, i.e. machine polishing. The paint layer the pin stripes are applied to isn't generally prepped the same as if there was a panel re-spray being done. The base layer isn't scuffed, so the pin stripe doesn't have a very strong bond to the base.

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