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do the physical Adam's stores run the same promos the web site does?

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I'm in Riverside CA, so I NEED to get to the Anaheim store soon. I'm curious if the web site's running whatever sale, will the same thing be at the store? I'll go to buy a couple products, and knowinh me probably end up with enough to re-fill up my large Adam's bag. I like the instant gratification of going to a store and walking out with something. But, I like 15-20% online sales too :D



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The main HQ location in CO will honor online prices and discounts in person as if online (and sometimes even a bit more 😁🤟). I imagine the CA location will, too, but without having been there, hard to know for sure. Pay them a visit and give it shot. Worst case, I bet they at least honor online prices. 

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