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Trying to put a Value on my entire Limited Edition Collection


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I am trying to put a value on my limited Edition Collection, I have over 30 Limited Edition Bottles How much would you guys sell a 350k bottle for? 

others that I have are:


2020 Valentines day Detail Spray

2019 Holiday Box Set

Sticker Bomb Detail Spray 

Sticker Bomb Valentines Day Detail Spray 

350k Detail Spray 

300k Detail Spray 

Be A Good Person Detail Spray 

Midnight Edition Detail Spray 

2019 & 2020 Cars and Coffee Detail Spray

Untamed (teal) Detail Spray 

Untamed (teal) Shoe Cleaner 

Untamed (teal) Shoe Cleaner (Hex Shaped bottle) 

Untamed (teal) Waterless Wash  

2019 Cinco de Mayo Detail Spray 

2018 Halloween Set

2018 Black Friday Set

Mystery Product Waterless Wash 

2019 Canada Day Detail Spray 

2019 4th of July Set 

America Detail Spray 

America Mega Foam Shampoo 

Adams Mystery Detail Spray 



If You would put a Price on each item that would be great!!!!!

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Like anything, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay.


However, as forum rules state, there is NO selling of any Adam's chemicals allowed here.  Only trades.  And all trades must be done in the Garage Sale Forum after you've reached 50 solid posts.  


I understand that you haven't said that you're offering them.  Just giving you a heads up.

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