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Graphene CS3 made my car explode

Cory M

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Late last summer/ early fall, I had my car cosmetically improved- paint repair, polish, PPF installed and Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coating applied. I did not dare do this myself on this car. I have a Honda Accord and Odyssey that I can experiment with and screw up without worry. When I picked up the car from my local dealership who did the work- it looked great. It was then parked for the winter. I went for my first drive this year after wiping it down with Graphene Detail Spray and it looked great. Before my second drive, I decided to use some Graphene CS3- the result was insane. The gloss was nuts. During my drive, I saw mouths dropping open, many thumbs up, horns honking and a group of young girls screaming at me to tell me they loved the car. My paint wasn't popping- it was exploding. The pictures in the sunlight don't do justice since the camera was adjusting for the lighting conditions. When I pulled out of the storage unit and looked at the car, I was in awe and had to take pictures. I now have an arsenal of Adam's products to use in my car care routine, but Graphene CS3 is my favorite. Love the scent too.





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