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Adams at work? WTH?


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I was walking down the hall at work and I couldn't believe me eyes! :drool: Oh did I want to open them... I couldn't though... They're not mine. :o





















Looks like my dad got his order in... :thumbsup:

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Thanks Dad!:bow:


Yeah dad stocked up the house in FL when I was there and now this one here... :2thumbs:


I know my brother just ordered some stuff too.


We're an Adams family of anal retentive detailers... lol

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You say that like it's a bad thing :lol::lol::lol:


It is to our better halves some times...


Is anyone else impressed by the boxes they send. i know this is a little wierd but the boxes are beastly.


Yeah they are double thick! A bidch to break down for the garbage too!

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