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I finally got to play with BSG


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Well it's a few weeks later then expected after my first batch was stolen but finally today I got to play with the BSG. I'm a little hesitant to post up my pics after seeing what all you pros do but here's what I did in a couple hours after work tonight.












Sorry for the lack of photographic genius, but I have a little date tonight and I was in a hurry so I didn't have time to go find a scenic place. Also I took the pics with my camera phone.


This was also my first try at VRT on my tires. LOVE IT! lol Sometimes I worry that I'm becoming an Adam's fanboy and the results really aren't that good but I had two neighbors walk by and admire it, one even asked if she could touch it. lol The car that is. :lol: Another asked if I'd do his car sometime. I said sure. So I guess the results aren't in my head.


Thanks Adam's for awesome stuff at good prices.

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Thanks for the compliments guys. Also I forgot to say in the first post, please excuse the dirty side skirt, I did drive a little before I took that pic and my city has decided to lay gravel over all the chip and seal roads this spring. I'm not happy about that.

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