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A (used) daily driver.


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I figured it was time to give my truck a rest. I picked up a new (to me) daily driver. It's no corvette, but the kids fit in the back seat and that was a must.


2003 Ford Focus SVT. It's a blast. These are the dealer pix.

I'll get a few close-up "before" pix.

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Thanks Teresa. I admit, I run it pretty hard. (It's a blast). I've been getting between 29 and 32 with it.


My kids were the ultimate deciding factor. I looked at VW's, Toyota's, Hyundias and Acura's. None had the head room in the back, that the kids needed. Plus this little Ford has a lot of spunk. On the test drive, I found out it would do 70 in 2nd gear. Wow, It made my list... :2thumbs:

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So have you found out what the top end speed is?? :burnout::burnout:


It looks like it would take the curves at a very high rate of speed seeing that it sits close to the ground.


:D:D I love feeling the G's!!


Not that I would intentionally speed, but it has seen almost 120. I don't know what the top speed actually is. Someday maybe I'll have the chance to find out. :rockon:


Mark, that looks sweet! Very tastefully done with the color combo and the debadging. I bet it's a fun little ride. :patriot:

It is fun. It handles really well. The previous owner de-badged it.

Looks great! How many miles? Looks to be in pretty good shape.

It has just under 80K. I think it was pretty well cared for. Mostly road miles I believe. The interior is really clean. the paint has a bunch of stone chips I'll work on over winter.

Nice little ride. I love that color!
Thanks. :2thumbs:
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Specs: http://www.motortrend.com/cars/2003/ford/focus/svt_hatchback/1553/specifications/index.html


Plus a nice review: http://www.thebiglot.com/reviews/2003_FORD_FOCUS%20SVT_REVIEW.asp


Thanks for the compliments. It is a blast. After driving the big Diesel for several years, it is fun to get out and zip around the back roads.. :banana::banana:

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