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my adamized 06 750Li


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here are the pics guys. when i picked it up from the dealership it had the typical dealer detailer swirls...it looked like a spider-web in the light and even without light on it. here is the finished product took me about 8 hours maybe a little more


here were my steps:

washed (adams soap and foam gun and wash pad)

dryed (adams white weave towel and leaf blower)

clayed (adams clay bar and detail spray)

swirl and haze remover ( orange pad)

fine machine polish (orange pad)

fine machine polish (white pad)

2 coats of americana wax

just now did a coat of BSG










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There's no way that cruise ship took you 8 hours to detail. I'm giving that thing the halogen test next time I come over. :banana:


P.S., where'd you find the midget to dress up like a ghost? :lol:


bro you can give it the blacklight test!! this car is MINT !


oo craigslist of course lol

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okay serious question. Ive always owned white or black cars. I bought this cause it was a great deal. I feel like I have a love hate with the color. What do you guys feel? Im like mixed about the monaco blue exterior and the darkish tan interior. :( I think its just paranoia cause when i bought my lime green bike i was unsure too and now i lOVEE LOVE LOVE it.

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Just my opinion


It's not that it is a bad color, it is actually a nice color but it is just that 90% of the BMW's I see around here are that same color. But I am a big fan of different colors :D


That's a cool car for a non-hot rod, really nice. Great detail job, a lot of work.


Blue is a nice color for a non-sports car. :hi::jester:

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