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Looking for a Muscle Car....


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Well... as most of you know we lost our '81 El Camino back in April... It was replaced with a '00 Grand Prix GT, which is a very nice "family" car for my wife to drive, but I want to surprise her this holiday season with a "new" old muscle car...



She really likes Dodge, and I like Ford.... So I think I want to get her another Chevy... :lolsmack:



Seriously though, Chevy is where its at, parts are abundant and inexpensive for me to work on something.


I don't think she could have another El Camino and be able to drive it... So with that, I am looking possibly towards a 70's - 80's Camaro maybe or something along those lines... A Chevelle or Nova would be awesome, but probably cost to much.


I want to keep under $2500, and it has to be a automatic... I am sure I can find something "decent" condition that I am able to instantly drive as I do a resto-mod...


Any Ideas?



I hope to score another deal like we got on the El Camino when I first purchased it... What a STEAL it was...

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What about an Iroc?


haha IROCS are not cheap anymore......my 92 Z is $20,000 and up.....what exactly are you looking for a Z28 or a rallysport?and i recomend buying 1987 and up if your getting a 3rd gen!:2thumbs:


How about a fox body mustang, with a 5.0?


Iroc's are sweet...



Fox body = no... that would be a toy for me :lolsmack:



Prices are not as bad as you guys think... You just have to search and find the right deal...


I bought our '81 El Camino for $1400... In running condition with the 355 rebuilt and everything else already in it... It just had problems running due to the carb and the owner not knowing how to properly tune one (not to mention it didn't have a choke :loser:)


I will never find another deal like that, but I think I can find something decent to start with for 2K

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I am on craigslist every day, lol...


Actually, I already found "the deal"


A 1979 Camaro with 355/turbo 350 trans... perfect body, runs great, and comes with a a z28 hood, fenders, and full interior all as spares...


But after discussing it for a while, my wife turned it down





We are also in the process of remodeling our house, and she would rather focus time, energy, and money into our home to get it looking the way it should rather than getting another toy :willy:



So... I wil still be keeping my eyes open and if I happen to find that "once in a lifetime" deal, then I will buy something...


But this weekend, it looks like I will be painting the outside of the house rather than playing with any old cars :help::help::help:

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