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Another new member from kentucky


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Hey all


Visited this site yesterday and found a very interesting thread that I really related to!

American Made


Names Daniel from lowmansville, Been detailing since 99', started detail on the side and then also went mobile, nothing full time just extra money and have a passion for it! along with doing different test in my garage on metals-plastic-and had some hoods for trying different products and techniques on and alittle powder coating for awhile, just love to do things like that.


I worked for a westernstar dealership for alittle over a year detailing all their new trucks and used trade-ins (used coal trucks) Man was that a job! Not only was I polishing out the paint I was striping all the bare aluminum fuel tanks-full fenders and rims and polishing back out, along with sanding and painting the frames and totally stripping out the insides and starting from the floor up. That was what I called a true complete detail or small restoration.:D Do have pics and write-ups on some.(if any is interested in seeing)


Don't know anything about Adams products (except for watching the junkman- after all that is how I came here yesterday)but will be looking around and checking on them and the orders of the aggressiveness and whats what on how to use them for different techniques.


Looking forward to getting to know everyone and maybe being a part of this forum regularly



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Thanks for the welcome, really appreciate it!


Hey D Braize I'm in johnson county about 45 minutes from ohio/west virginia line. About 1 hour 50 minutes from lexington.


Hey whiterp I will be more then happy to start posting some of my write-ups and maybe some test I've done.


Nice looking Goat you've got chris :thumbsup:


Hey coolth I've got a ton of clay-cleaners-polish and waxes&sealants but will check and see what some of the products are and what's to choose from and may buy a couple things after I read and see whats what! and try 'em out!


BADRIDES I think you might be right.


Again thanks for the welcome!

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And y'all talk funny too. :jester:

Yeah, I think I might talk alittle funnier, my wife calls me a buckbilly! I'm from dayton, ohio and moved here in 1986 and still have that accent as well as hillybilly! So mixing both together, I'm hopeless. :lol:


Serious though, thanks all for the welcome.


I believe I just might fit in here!

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