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My First Adam's Detail

Guest OneReign


Guest OneReign

Took me a couple of days and boy are me and my PC tired lol.


The process:


1) Rinse/Foam Gun w/Dawn,

2) Two Bucket (Grit Guard) Wash w/Dawn to remove previously applied


3) Adam's Clay Bar w/DS

4) Two Bucket Wash w/Adam's Car Shampoo

5) Dry w/Metro Vac n Blo, DS, and Waffle Weave Towels

6) Paint Correction where needed w/SHR (some areas required yellow


7) FMP w/White Pad all over

8) MSW w/Black Pad all over

9) Adam's Glass Cleaner

10) VRT to tires and trim


The Results:










Plan to add another coat of MSW w/the PC after the first coat sets up, then a coat of Americana after the second coat of MSW sets up for the Grand Finale!

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Guest OneReign

Thanks! VRT is probably my favorite Adam's product. I use it on my interior trim as well (dash, doors, etc.). It provides just enough gloss without looking greasy and doesn't sling off your tires on to the paint like alot of products I've used in the past.

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