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A safe wash alternative for fresh paint?



I was in an accident in my truck the first of this month thanks to a drunk driver. I got my truck back from the body shop last week and resulting from the damage my front bumper, both rear cab corners, and my passenger side fender and bed side were all repainted. my friends at the body shop said if i have to wash it by hand before 60 days since the new paint to wash lightly by hand and use a gentle car wash soap.


well its a nice day here and my dirty black truck is driving me nuts and im fresh out of adams car wash!! any good recommendations for another car wash i could use that would be safe?

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I was in sort of the same boat. When we got the car back from the body shop they gave us a huge packet of stuff explaining the paint process and what we could do to keep the car clean etc.

Wash wise they said no high pressure spray wash car washes and no strong detergents.

They suggested a gentle hand wash and to just flood the area to rinse. Then to lightly dry with a quality drying towel. No pressure or circular/scrub motions.


The biggie was to ensure that no wax or form of sealant was placed on the paint. Avoid wash & shine or wash & wax type products. At the time of our first wash we did not have any Adam's products at all. We ended up using an M brand wash as it was listed as containing no waxes or sealants. Amazing how many out there do.


We did the two bucket wash, went truly crazy to ensure the wash mit was clean before each use and kept plenty of suds on the car.


The paperwork with our paint explained that for the first 90 days the paint was still curring/off gassing and that if it were to be sealed with a wax type product or spray sealant that this would not allow the essential off gassing for correct curring. Anyway, that is what is said so we followed it to be safe.


Also think there was something on our paperwork about not using solvents on the paint as well in that period. Guess things like bug and tar removers etc.



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