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Removing background from images

Alex Ross

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I am designing a catalog however the photos have a background, for

example the pictures are of shoes but i can see the table the shoe is

sitting on and the background behind the shoe, is there a way to cut

the shoes out in Photoshop so the background is removed?



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As you know, photoshop is an amazingly complex and powerful tool, and as such there are several ways to select just part of an image (the shoe) and remove the unwanted areas (the background). I would suspect that for an object with relatively clean edges (like a shoe) your best bet would be to create a path around the shoe, turn that into a selection, selecting inverse, and then deleting the background.


That's the 10 second answer. If you do a google search on the topic you'll find lots of photoshop "how-to" type sites. Photoshop is one of those amazing tools that no matter how much you use it you're always finding new tricks and powers... My advice is just to play around and practice, and soon enough you'll be getting better and better results.


Have fun! :cheers:



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the above is correct to an extent. i do agree there are 100 different ways to do things in photoshop. the problem your going to run into with just making a selection and deleting the background is going to be at the RIP stage. If this is for a catalog then you will have to save this file out as psd and place into a layout program. then you have to hope that it is on a plain white background. otherwise you will end up with white bounding box. a clipping path is the only true way to do this. using the method above will work, but it is the quick fix. do some research on how to create a clipping path. once you get the hang of it, you will see its very easy.

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