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Adam's polishes really are the best!



I sent this email to Jason at Adam's telling him how much I like the Adam's products I have purchased. I initially purchased a basic machine polishing kit to correct some paint defects on my Lotus Elise and since then I have used this kit along with other Adam's products to detail the rest of my cars. I was particularly impressed with the results on two cars in poor cosmetic condition I needed to sell. Thanks to the Adam's shine, I was able to sell the cars for much more than they were worth. Jason asked if I would post the email on this forum, so here it is:


Hi Jason,

I just wanted to let you know how much I like your products and to

let you know how they have increased the value of two vehicles that I

have recently sold. The first car was an '83 Jaguar XJ6 that was

still wearing it's original lacquer paint which was dull and terribly

checked and crazed. The machine polishing kit from you worked great

and turned the paint which looked like the dull bumpy skin of a

lizard into a smooth shiny deeply colored finish that allowed me to

sell the car for literally thousands of dollars more than it was

worth. The buyer never even drove the car, but bought it just based

on how beautiful the paint was!


The second car was an '03 Civic that had never had a decent wax job

in its entire life and the automatic transmission was failing to

shift correctly on cold days. This is a common problem with these

Civics and requires a total rebuild of the trans. to fix the problem.

Needless to say, this is a major expenditure on a well used old car that is not worth doing. I knew I had to sell the car before the transmission failed completely so I did a quick polish and detail ofall the upper paint surfaces and cleaned the interior using my Adam's products. Again the paint looked spectacular and when I took it to trade it in at a dealer on a new car they just walked around the car and admired the

beautiful paint and interior. They commented on how great the car

looked and just kept walking around it. In the end they never drove

the car and offered me thousands more than the car was worth (full

market value for the same car in excellent condition) which I gladly



I guess what I really wanted to say is your products have more than

paid for themselves and without them I couldn't have sold these cars

for anywhere near the amounts I received for them. You may want to

consider using this philosophy in your advertising so people can see

the value of purchasing your products.




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Thanks everyone!:hi:


Here is the best photo of my Elise after the Adam's shine. It is the same as my avatar and was taken at the Lotus dealer in Chicago which also happens to be a Lamborghini dealer. The stainless steel Lamborghini box it is inside is actually the elevator they use to take the Lambos up to the 2nd floor showroom. My car was pushed in there while waiting for a service bay to open up and I thought it would be fun to snap a quick photo of it. The funny thing was, right after I took the photo, the doors flew shut and my car disappeared. The guys in the service department quickly rushed to the controls in an attempt to stop the elevator, but it was gone. Then one of them made a nervous call to the guy on the 2nd floor that had called the elevator. It seems that when cars take an elevator ride they have to be in gear with the parking brake on or the tires blocked because the movement of the elevator floor can cause them to roll into the walls or door! The good news was my car returned within a couple of minutes unharmed. I actually joked that since my car had been swallowed up by the elevator, did that mean I was getting a new Lambo in return? That comment, of course, was only met with nervous looks from the service department guys!



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Welcome to the forum Dan. Question? A Lotus, a Jaguar........................and a Civic?? Were you drunk? :lol:


Haha! Yes it would appear that way, however the Civic was a gift from my mother-in-law to my wife (4dr. Civic with an auto trans.:willy:) and the Jag was my father's car. I ended up in charge of selling these two cars and the great trade in allowance on the Civic allowed me to buy my brand new '09 Mazda 3 for only $8500. :banana: Without the Adam's shine, I would have been lucky to get $2,000 for the Civic with a bad transmission.

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