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  1. Adam's HQ Relocation

    The only thing that sucks about the grand opening/open house on April 7th is that the Lincoln Tech car show is the same day.
  2. H2O G&G Cleanup

    Some of mine got to the point where they won't absorb anything. Just used new ones.
  3. Adam's HQ Relocation

    yes!! 7 miles away
  4. I'm also curious if you can use rinse-less wash and if it will foam. Maybe that can be the next product... foaming rinse-less wash?
  5. YouTube Interest

    behind the scenes, daily vlogs, cars and coffee, day of work at the warehouse, introductions of all the employees... more activity on snapchat lol
  6. Rinseless Wash - Great Results!

    Last time I washed my black Jeep with RW I used multiple double softs in one bucket and only used each towel once. Used about 4 double softs. RW has a great shine afterwards.
  7. SRT8 Jeep Touch Up

    looks amazing ! same color as mine
  8. Tapatalk

    tapatalk ftw ! I hope it works out.
  9. Adam's HQ Relocation

  10. Adam's HQ Relocation

    I think, somebody had posted Thornton 84th & I-25 area? but not exactly sure.
  11. new manvan... SS to SRT

    Sold the TBSS in October and replaced it with a Jeep SRT8. The TBSS was fun and will be missed. I owned it for 5 years and I was pretty proud of it. It got lots of attention and thumbs up (even from Adam himself at one of the HQ clinics) but it was time to move on. The Jeep is an 09 with 70k miles. I have already added Borla S-type catback and eibach drop springs. The only bad part is the paint but it will be getting a full correction in the spring time. The H20 G&G will do for now.
  12. They're moving even closer to me!? that is awesome!
  13. As successful as this was I'm sure they will release more stuff. For a moment I thought it was a collaboration with supreme (another clothing brand) font looks very similar. As far as the shoe cleaner I hope someone does a review. I have a collection of retro Jordan sneakers ranging from white leather to full suede. I only use Jason Markk shoe cleaner but I might have to try my foaming leather and interior cleaner on a pair see how it works.
  14. Wash and wax or car shampoo?

    The wash & wax does leave more shine behind but I usually have to use a bit more than usual. If I use 2oz of regular soap I have to use 3oz of the wash & wax. Doesn't sud as much as the regular soap.
  15. Extreme brake dust

    I was going to suggest brake cleaner, even though it is very strong. I'd recommend to seal the wheels next. My wife's yukon denali has cheap pads up front that squeak and develop a lot of dust. So bad that the chrome wheels brown up after a week of driving. It had caked on brake dust (similar but not as bad) and the wheel cleaner instantly turned purple and everything came off. After I cleaned and dried them I used the aerosol quick sealant (I still have some ) and now they clean effortlessly . good luck!