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  1. I have a gallon of WW that I got in a mystery bucket. I’ve never known what to do with it, but will try it on the Mustang. My garage is not near my home and there is no running water, so these products have a particular appeal.
  2. Thanks Jen, I will do some experimentation this year and see what works best for me. Your Camaro is gorgeous! I also like your Tommy Tutone reference!
  3. Thanks Kurt, nice stable you have there.
  4. Thanks Ray! I’ve seen a few posts with your Vette, and that is for sure a beauty!
  5. Hi Ray. The whole interior is red too! The red definitely gets a lot of attention. I’ve never thought much about the ceramic stuff, as I thought that was more for daily drivers that needed better protection. Someone else posted a video and now I’m re-thinking it. Adam’s technology moves too fast for me. As soon as I think I have it figured out, boom! They change it. Thanks for the recommendation!
  6. Interesting, I’ve never heard of using the Tire and Rubber Cleaner for the engine. Is that instead of the APC? Is it friendlier to polished aluminum than APC? Thanks! Thanks, that was my screw up, it should have been reversed, but now seems unnecessary. OK, so skip the wash and wipe the panels down with 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. Should I use distilled water? If I skip the BW, would Americana add to the shine on a silver car or is it unnecessary too? Just looking to blind the general public.....Thanks a lot! If I dilute APC down to 8 or 10:1 is it safe on polished aluminum?
  7. Hi All, As I anxiously await Spring and the nice weather, I am thinking about my first detail on my new to me classic Mustang. The car is in great shape and doesn’t really need much. It’s kept in a garage and only driven in nice weather. I plan to drive it a lot, but only on nice days. This is what I am thinking, but I would greatly appreciate the wisdom of the pros: Clean engine with APC diluted @ 1:1 and either diluted RW or WW Clean tires and wheels Wash car with RW with 2oz. APC to strip (bucket of towels method) Clay bar using RW as lubricant Hand polish with Revive Wash again with RW no APC Dry with DS or HGG? (Not really sure if I need HGG) Wax with BW including chrome Top with BG. I will also use this and DS for shows and quick shining More frequent washes will be with RW. Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Howard
  8. Thanks a lot falcaineer. I’ve certainly read many of your posts and have learned a lot from them. Cheers!
  9. Hi All- I’m not really new, I’ve been using nothing but Adam’s for almost six years now, but I don’t think I ever officially “checked-in”. My DD is a Jeep Wrangler, and I recently bought myself a little present. I have a good process for the Jeep, now I have to find a new process that works for the Mustang. I’m thinking Rinseless, but am interested in how others care for their classics. Thanks!
  10. I did my first Rinseless Wash today. Sprayed her down with RW diluted at 6:1, then washed using the bucket-o-towels method. Dried with a regular waffle drying towel. Did the whole thing in the garage. I think it came out pretty well. The one sort of complaint is that it’s tough to see the dirt on the boarderless greys. My garage is a bit dark and doesn’t have electricity so I didn’t really get a great sense of how she looks. I can say that the paint felt smooth. The car was mostly just dusty, but I wanted to wash it before putting on the cover and saying goodbye for the winter. It’s gonna be a long three months..... What happened to the video links in this thread?
  11. You all are awesome! Thanks for all the great advice. Now I just have to wait for Spring so I can drive her..... Stupid Winter!
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate your advice. It seems like the Rinseless and Waterless products and process are so close, that the towels would be interchangeable. Looks like I’ll need to grab a few WW towels. My Adam’s habit is for sure going to cause a divorce..... Have a great day!
  13. Hi All, I just bought a bunch of grey boarderless MF towels along with a gallon of Rinseless Wash. In my huge stash of Adams’s stuff, I found that I also have a gallon of WW (I don’t even remember buying that.....). Can I use these towels with the WW instead of the waffle ones? I am planning to use Rinseless and Waterless on my 66 Mustang rather than the usual 2 bucket wash I do on my DD. Thanks for the advice! HP
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