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  1. I have some extra things that need a good home. 1x 32oz Tire & Rubber Cleaner (new) 1x Gal Wheel Cleaner (~3/4 full) 1x Gal All Purpose Cleaner (new) 1x 8oz (non-Adams) Wheel Wax (new) 4x Grey borderless/edgeless towels (used once, washed with MFR) 1x Gal dispenser pump (used once, like new) Interested in drying towels, detail spray, guard and gloss, waterless wash, interior detailer, glass cleaner, and maybe other things as well.
  2. Towel Cleaning

    Once through will All C&F + MFR is good enough for me.
  3. Mine as well...they still work fine though.
  4. Looks like it turned out great. Nice work!
  5. I'm digging the new tire brush with shorter bristles. Much better than the older style, or the unwieldy long-handled fender brush.
  6. How often do you wash your towels?

    Every use, but I have enough I only need to do this every few weeks. All Clear & Free + Adam's MFR and they come out good as new.
  7. 1977 Pontiac "Bandit" Trans Am

    Wow, this turned out great!
  8. Whats your favorite Adams product.

    CWS, then probably Tire & Rubber.
  9. New drying towel!!

    I may need to try this...though I have been pretty happy with the GW.
  10. Diluted rinseless

    I agree. It's a super-versatile product.
  11. Tried Wash & Wax today A+!

    I may need to give this a try...