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  1. Great, thanks for the info :)
  2. Washed, Clay Bar, 2 coats LPS, 2 coats Brilliant Glaze, 3 coats Buttery Wax. Also applied Adam's Tire Shine. Need to get the rubber pick and get the excess wax out now :)
  3. Hey Galaxy I really do want to do a Ceramic coating, just nervous and afraid I'll screw it up I guess. I wasn't too worried about clay yet, car is only a couple months old and so far the paint is flawless, but it wouldn't hurt. However, don't I need to strip wash anyway before clay? I mean will claying remove my old wax and bring me down to clear coat?
  4. So I have a question regarding my next round. I plan on using strip wash. Then do I proceed as follows: LPS Glaze Wax Or is it: Glaze LPS Wax Thanks
  5. Only thing under it now is a coat of Buttery Wax. I have some liquid Paint Sealant, but I'm going wait until this wears before I use it. Once I do, or when I strip wash it will be LPS, Glaze, Buttery Wax and H2O GnG when I wash it.
  6. Buttery wax and H20 Guard and Gloss after 2 weeks
  7. Hey all, After a couple weeks of rain and ZERO time, I finally had a beautiful day to give my car some attention. I'm a newcomer to Adam's, and after a couple months, I'll tell ya, I swear by it. It's Adam's or nothing for me from now on . I only had a couple hours today, but man the car needed it. Here are some before shots:
  8. Thank you all for your information. My post wasn't for necessarily cleaning now, it was just in general so I know for the future. Thanks again.
  9. Hi all, I recently did some custom painting in my engine bay and was curious about cleaning. Will the general purpose cleaner affect the painted items? Can I dilute? The paint is all automotive grade and fully cured, just curious before I do it, Thanks !!
  10. Hi, I'm in Minooka, next to Joliet.
  11. Hi everyone I'm new here and to Adam's polishes. I bought new car recently and my daughters surprised me today with gift after hearing me talk about your product. I am SO HAPPY they did. I couldn't be more pleased with the ease of use, quality of product and end results
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