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  1. LS1Heli

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    I had a chance to use this product and at the bare minimum, its nothing short of impressive. The warm, soft glow it creates, rivals that of natural products such as my P21S and my high-end $1K estate waxes by Zymol (Concurs, Destiny & Atlantique). I washed, dried, clayed, and then polished with Wolfgang 3.0 and white pad at speed 5. My finish was excellent to start, but wanted to start from scratch. I took the OP's recommendation and waited anywhere from 12-24 hrs between coats. The more coats I applied, the more impeccable the finish became. Like any product, new or old, you have to be an investigator. I tried everything, laid on super thin, laid on thick. Wiped instantly, wiped until impossible to come off. Tried numerous brands of high-end MF towels, both dry and prepped with QD. In the end, I found the middle way which worked the best. The packaging is great, glass jar with a very tight sealing cover. The smell is lime, not too weak, not too strong. I attached some pictures, tri-white is not that impressive, but still gives you and idea. Don't plan on running out of this soon, however, I would easily pull the trigger again. Other products on this car are Adams banana tire dressing and in & out spray.
  2. LS1Heli

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    Excellent. Thanks for the recommendation. I love how this bridges the gap between a wax and a CC. I think with multiple layers you can get some serious coverage and clarity.
  3. LS1Heli

    Ceramic Paste Wax

    That's good to hear. I just purchased to use as a stand alone product. I am going for layers with this stuff, do you know how long to wait before applying a second, third, etc. coat?