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    Neenah, WI
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    Drag racing, sled pulling, diesel motorsports, fishing, ATV riding
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  1. Well it just so happens my mystery buckets showed up today and in them was a 4oz bottle of spray ceramic coating so I guess it is meant to be. I will order some APC and LC to get it up to par. Plan is touchless car wash > APC > LC > spray ceramic.
  2. My downfall with only doing a spray coating is not having the ability to actually wash the truck myself other than waterless/rinseless wash which is where the ceramic tends to really shine due to washing my truck very regularly at the touchless PDQ wash.
  3. Sounds good. I'm debating about having the truck professionally ceramic coated in the spring after I fix a few scratches/chips at Ceramic Pro with their lifetime warranty coating but I don't believe there is a specific ceramic coating for flexible items like a vinyl tonneau cover.
  4. That is the product I was thinking about using as it mimics what I'm using already. Thank you for the tip on letting it sit and "soak" for a few minutes before removal.
  5. I have been using Mothers VLR on my tonneau cover for my 2002 Chevrolet silverado 2500hd with a short bed. I have been pleased with the results but am wondering if there is a different product/better method to use? I go through the touch-less car wash then apply VLR due to living in an apartment/not being able to water wash myself.
  6. Thank you! I need to start doing some research on the Adam's trim cleaner and Adam's DIY ceramic coatings.
  7. The issue I have is my lease explicitly states "no washing of vehicles". The gray area is detailing/waterless wash since it doesn't use water/have water on the ground. That said, I could probably get away with rinseless wash so much as I do it on the weekends.
  8. New guy here. I have a 2002 LB7 Duramax, crew cab short box, in black and I'm from the Neenah, WI area. I've been using F11 topcoat for awhile now paired with Adam's waterless wash due to living in an apartment. I recently just purchased (last night) two of the mystery buckets to kick start my detailing product line as it is very minimal now (waterless wash, F11 top coat, Mothers VLR for my tonneau cover). The truck was recently detailed (wash>clay>light polish>sealed with Rejex) and it looks stunning with F11 applied over the top but I only have one bottle left.
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