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Leno's garage radiant?


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Our Ceramic Boost can be used standalone just as that product. Their product bottle describes it as a sprayable silica sealant, which is exactly what our Ceramic Boost is designed as too. I do not believe this is a solvent-based coating like our Ceramic Spray Coating, but I have not used it so I cannot confirm. If it has a pleasant smell, then it is most likely not a solvent-based spray coating and rather a ceramic-infused product.

It would line up more with Ceramic Boost than CS3, since they do not mention any cleaning properties. It is designed to be used on a clean vehicle, just like Ceramic Boost. If you are looking for much longer durability, Ceramic Spray Coating can provide up to 10-12 months per application when applied properly, but it does require more prep and proper cure time indoors. For absolute ease of use, CS3 is my new favorite product for a little bit of quick ceramic-infused protection!

Please keep in mind that this forum is for Adam's Polishes products, so that is the extent of the discussion we can allow here. Thank you for understanding.

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