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Comparing Graphene Coating to Ceramic Spray Coating


Has anyone done a test to compare the application and durability of the two products, and isn't Graphene a totally different product the ceramic as it is not truly a ceramic.  I am asking because I did see a video done by large automotive detailing  company in the Chicago are where they took a hood and sectioned it off into four sections applying four different paint protection products.  Two of which were paint sealants, one was Adams Ceramic Spray and the fourth a Graphene spray product ( not Adams).  It was a very close final results between the Adams and the Graphene spray, but the Adams showed the best overall performance after everything done to the products to see there durability.  

Also I see that Graphene is list on the site as ceramic, but is it not a totally new paint protection/coating 

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@The Guz has you pretty well covered. To clarify one thing, though, it's reduced Graphene Oxide, not "refined." Pure graphene won't bond to a surface. Here's an article about it, as well.




Prep and application are the same for both. Here's a video on the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating.




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