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  1. Hi everyone... here's something different. A buddy of mine has a cooktop that has a tempered glass top piece. Likely via some abrasive cleaner, him or his wife has managed to dig some pretty significant swirls into the tempered glass cooktop. He's not in any way a detailer, or someone that would consider taking a wheel to his car, or his cooktop, but he's done some research and tried a few things already that did not improve the situation. So far he has tried baking soda and water, whitening toothpaste. He's also read about using pumice soap or 0000 grit sand paper to w
  2. Hi guys, I got a Chemical Guys Torx polisher for Christmas, and I'd like to get pads for it to apply glaze/sealant/wax. Both Adam's and CG offer these pads, but I'm curious if you guys feel they can be used interchangeably? I currently have all Adam's Polishes products as far as glazes, sealants and waxes. Does anyone know if I'd be fine using Adam's products on a Chemical Guys pad, or vice versa? I'd like to use the CG pads, but I have a ton of Adam's products that I'd like to use, so what is my best way forward? Would an Adam's pad attach to the Torx polisher just the
  3. I will be detail a friend's Mini Cooper in the next couple of weeks. It has a couple of stripes on the hood and stripes along the rocker panels. They're a glossy stripe, so I'm guessing it should be no problem, but can I use Brilliant Brilliant Glaze and Paint Sealant on stripes? I'm doing everything by hand.
  4. My bottle of the old school pink shampoo has finally run out and I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are on the new blue shampoo vs. the ultra foam is? I'll be continuing to use the basic two-bucket hand wash method, not planning to invest in a foam cannon at this time. Does the ultra foam offer any benefits over the standard shampoo, if you're just doing a traditional hand wash, or do you really see gains with that product if it's coming out of a cannon? Thanks, in advance!
  5. So I just pulled out my WeatherTech floor mats and gave them a good scrubbing using a combination of APC and Tire and Rubber Cleaner. They look a lot better than they did, but my question is could I slap on a coat of Super VRT to give them a little bit nicer looking finish? Or would that result in a slippery finish that I might not want for a floor mat
  6. What kinds of places can apply these types of packages. We have a baby on the way and it might be a good idea to get something like that done before baby comes.
  7. My wife had a vase of flowers sitting between her legs and some of the water sloshed out and got on my seats. What will be the best way to clean this?
  8. A friend just posed a rather interesting question regarding the Adam's Ceramic Wheel Coating. If you ceramic coat the inner drum of your wheel, would there then be any issue with being able to attach new wheel weights in the future? I could see the surface now being so slick that nothing would attach to it....
  9. I've got a few places on my Focus ST where road salt has stained the interior carpets. I should have addressed it months ago, but as the daily, I'm just getting to it now. Would the new Multi-Use Foaming Cleaner work on these types of stains? If not, any recommendations? I got a set of Weathertech floor liners for Christmas, so we only went about 1/3 of the winter with the carpets exposed, but that was enough leave behind some nasty stains. What are my options? Thanks!
  10. It's always said you should limit the number of coats of wax/sealant you're layering over top of each other, but what about Guard and Gloss? Can it be used every time I wash my car, or should it only be used occasionally, since, in theory, it has a sealant in it, right?
  11. I just detailed my wife's Subaru Crosstrek and used Liquid Paint Sealant for the first time. So far, I'm amazed by the results of actually using the product, and the shine upon completion. I've yet to see how well it will hold up over time, but I'm expecting good things. This car looks really neat with the baby blue paint and the chunky black cladding. For the car's next couple of washes, I was aiming to just do a simple wash and then use Guard & Gloss to dry & finish things off. I just purchased G&G, but have not used it yet. Are there any issues with repeated applications
  12. Awesome. I'll use paint sealant, then, as that's what I'm using on the paint.
  13. Have you done anything specifically on the roof racks that worked, or didn't? I don't have any of the ceramic stuff, that's more of an investment than I'm aiming to make. But have you used wax/sealant/etc. on the roof racks?
  14. That's a good point. Perhaps I'll try a bit of paint sealant on the inside were it isn't as noticeable, to make sure the finish still look OK. The finish isn't perfectly smooth, like car paint. It's also not a very rough "crinkle" powder coat. Should paint sealant still work on a finish that isn't "smooth"?
  15. I wasn't planning on using Garden gloss this time, since it is the very first ever detail for the car. Planning on a strip wash clay bar, brilliant glaze and paint sealant. If I use guard and gloss while drying the car after washing won't I be just wasting product since I plan to do all those other steps afterwards?
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