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  1. Thanks Rich! I can confirm I stopped in today and they were able to help resolve the other two issues... figured I had some really bad luck but felt like they got it taken care of well so I am pleased and my loyalty remains, LOL.
  2. Thanks to Adam's for putting on the event. I got there about 6:30 and was about 20th in line. Ended up leaving with about $600 worth of stuff which was way more than I planned, but also ended up with some good stuff I'd been watching for months or longer. Waiting in line had a good vibe... much like waiting for a new iphone back in the day, LOL. Having some issues with my two main purchases, but hoping Adam's will help me out tomorrow, we will see!
  3. I had been pretty busy so how I hadn't been able to get back to this, but I did finally yesterday... did another dose of the scratch and swirl remover and hand polish... still not 100% perfect, but got it to where I could barely see any water spot and had to really look from the right angles, even under the bright lights, to see the spots. Vinyl stripes still aren't great and a little more clearly spotted, but significantly improved from the beginning. Think it's good neough I'll call ti good, and put on a coat of wax yesterday evening as well. Thanks for all your help! Still kinda ponderin
  4. Thanks Ray. Appreciate the help. Got nervous the S&S remover might've been doing more damage than it was benefitting because the color was pretty dark and couldn't tell if it was dark contaminate or the pretty dark gray paint... Think I should give it another go for another round of S&S/Polish? Would love to have the water spots gone entirely just so I can fully cross if off my list though it is much better.
  5. I ended up giving it a go with the scratch & swirl remover followed by the hand polish. I'd say there was a definite difference in the before and after... I can still see the spots from the right angles under the garage lights, but they aren't nearly as visible as before. The vinyl stripes are a bit better, but not as dramatic a difference as the paint itself. I did notice that when I was doing the S&S remover the pad was getting rather dark, and I couldn't tell if it was just contaminates from the surface (I did do a detail spray and basic clay mitting though I was a bit nervous
  6. I went down to the warehouse today and before I went in, realized something interesting - in the sun, I could barely see the spots at all... I had to look from just the right angle, or the hood looked perfectly normal. So decided I'd feel bad asking anyone for actual detailing support on something hard to show them, LOL. I picked up some of the scratch and swirl remover and the hand polish and the applicators and I'll give it a whirl in a small area and let you know how it goes.
  7. Thanks Chris, your assistance is appreciated! I wasn't sure if I could just ask if someone might be able to take a look at it and offer some tips when I got there, I've never had to before because I always knew what I was looking for. Going back and forth on whether I should just buy a polisher or not if I might end up needing it anyway. I saw Adam's was perhaps exploring a tool rental program, but not sure if they ever figured that out?
  8. Hi thanks Chris! I live up in Longmont but it's not too far to drive down to westminster to visit the shop. Is there a way to tell if they are etched? I thought that might be if you could physically feel a difference or roughness at the edge, indicating it may have eaten away at the clearcoat... but if I feel it with my fingers or with my finger nails I don't notice a difference in smoothness or any borders to the spots.
  9. Thanks Ray, that helps a lot! In general I don't mind buying tools when I need them, but I don't see myself doing enough detailing to justify the expense of the polisher, but nice to know there are some hand options. Think I'll head down to the retail shop tomorrow and pick up some of the scratch and swirl remover, polish, and some pads for it, and start from there, and hope it does the trick! I looked at taking it in to have it detailed by the shop but not sure teh spots btoher me quite enough for the price of what they charge... though I'm sure they do amazing work.
  10. Hi Adam's! I'm a long-time customer and lurker, first-time poster. I've actually been using Adam's Polishes way back to 2002 or so when Adam actually sponsored my show truck and was a member of the Ford Truck World Community, so I'm not exactly a newbie, but beyond the basics of washing and waxing, etc. I still have a lot to learn! I'm not too far from the Colorado headquarters and have picked things up here before. We picked up a new (to us) Mini a few days ago. It had snowed when we were test driving it, so didn't get a really good look at the paint, and when we picked it up it was dark
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