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  1. So about a 1 month update on ceramic coating. Looks great in some lights but I have noticed the more I see it in different angles and varying lights that I will probably have to redo the coating. E.g. I noticed in some direct sunlight and like almost 3/4 view that there are compounding marks that I did not polish out completely, and are now under the ceramic coating. Sadge. In this case best way to remove the coating completely and redo it would be machine polisher with compound? or polish? Thanks for all the help. I will say from other angles where you can't see those marks it looks fantastic lol
  2. Awesome!! Thanks so much for all your help. Pictures will be coming today of the finished product.
  3. So at lunch today I used the tip you mentioned with a plush microfiber and polish. Went lightly over the high spots and they came right out, almost no effort. So that was much appreciated. Should I surface prep and reapply the coating to those panels? or do you think the polish only leveled it with the rest of the coating?
  4. A Yeah kind of like smudgy marks. Thanks for the tips. I'll give them all a shot and see what works out. I'm hoping I wont have to machine polish again but if need be.
  5. Well I did the coating yesterday evening. However when I checked on the car this morning I noticed some darker spots that I didn't catch last night. Are darker spots places I missed coating or is missed buffing off? If so is there a way to correct this? It has been about 12-13 hours since I applied it.
  6. Awesome thanks for the tips. I think I'm going to do the full detail this weekend. Fortunately I'm working from home still so I can keep it garaged and away from teh elements for however long it needs.
  7. Yessir. North Florida here. Detailing and golf are my life.
  8. Awesome. Thanks for the response. I had only planned for 2 at most but if its not really necessary than that works too saves alittle time. Really excited to try it out.
  9. Hello all, I'm new here to the Adam's forum. Detailing is a big hobby of mine and I love making my cars stand out. Some of my neighbor tell me I wash my car too much but ehhh that's all relative. Hope to learn from everyone here.
  10. Hello, Is it recommended to do 2 coats of the Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coating? If so how long should I let the first coat sit before applying the second?
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