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  1. Yes, thank you and noted! I'll continue with the supplies I've accumulated until they dwindle and I'll give more thought to going full ceramic.. I will grab the ceramic detail spray in the meantime to get my feet wet though...
  2. Awesome, thanks guys...Order #3 in as many weeks coming up then!!! ..."Now" I should be set for a while....lol
  3. Hi there, first post.. I've recently converted to Adam's through my friends and was wondering on a good routine... For wax, I'm using Americana (over B.Glaze) after a fresh, claybar, compound, and polish w/swirlkiller. Killer fresh start, amazing results. I'm going to finish applying the B.Glaze and Americana tonight, but I'm curious on the maintenance/top-up thereafter. My ole Buick doesn't ever see rain, (barely even a wash in years) is garaged and always covered. short drives here and there, occasional track visits. Is detail spray the way to go? I have seen Ceramic boost mentioned in a vid even works over top of Americana for a lil extra somethin' somethin'? I appreciate any input all!!
  4. Hello from Canada! Here's my baby, (can't wait for the next shipment of goodies from ya!) and 2 of my friends Turbo Buicks. Whether cruising, or at the track we are loving Adam's on our cars!
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