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PC on Fiber Glass Semi Hood



I am going to be detailing a Fire Truck this weekend and I believe it has a Fiber Glass Hood, its a 2005 Freightliner.


Will it hurt to use the PC on Speed 5 on the hood and fenders?


Should I kick it down a speed or two or just not even worry about it. I dont want to melt the stuff, I've never really detailed it before but I have seen fiber glass melt at not too high of a temp.





Results, with MSW!











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I think it was US Tanker. We just bought a new Engine from Alexis Fire Equipment.


Alexis is a customer of ours... If you see any welds (diamond tread) they're done with out products! :banana:


Looks great BTW!:drool:



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My Dakota has a Fiberglass hood ,use the PC on it all the time. You do not generate heat with the PC!:pc:

on speed 6 you can.. not sure if its enough to damage anything but it was too hot to touch for more than a second or two

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I did it tonight and it worked great. Almost seemed easier than working with metal. Looks great too! I'd post pictures but it was pretty dark by the time I got done. Maybe tomorrow when I go to wipe it down again.

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Jason, Corvettes are all fiberglass. You won't have any problems with it.


Does your truck have gold leaf letters on the doors? I don't know how a PC and gold leaf play together. Maybe watch that area.


No its just decals. There might be some gold leaf trim around the door windows but i can just tape it off.

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