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What Am I Seeing ??



ok guys,

as much as id like to post a picture of this i dont have a digital cam to do so.

I have a 350z and its always been cared for very well.

Anyways, I thought i might do a paint correction on the car. As much as i care for it the car is a daily driver and its going to get some errors in the paint from the drives.

Ok, So i fired up the pc today for the first time, i put the orange pad on and went with the shr.

I used it and done everything i learned from aj to do.

So, When the car is under light it doesnt seem to have any swirls or scratches anymore but it has tiny dots. Almost like ummm pen head sized dots to describe it as best i can.

These were on the car BEOFRE the process so i know its not shr or anything.

I was hoping the pc would get rid of these things. What the heck are they and what do i need to do? :help:


Thanks guys

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I don't know what it is but it won't

Come out. Used shr and fmp and still

There. Only appears on hood, hatch and roof

At this point I'm wondering if very small

Hailstones might have hit the car at some point.

Could this cause pitting?

Ive done my best on this project but it's not

My homedads results for sure

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Wait wait wait... Let me get this right... You're JM's home boy and you DON'T have a digi cam?


Hmm... lol


What Dylan said! I have them and AJ has them on his car as well... It's what happens when you drive them.



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Did they look like these? (The area to the right of the light reflection)




This happened to me after I did a pass with SHR, but only in certain areas. It came out after a pass with FMP. I have no idea what cause mine, but they did come out.

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They do kind of look like the area below the light to be honest. Probably not as noticable as what you have there but similar. If you look at the spot thats at the bottom of your picture to the left of the camera thats the closest thing on that picture to what it looks like.

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I noticed the same thing on my car. I completely flipped...WTH. After a closer look, it looks to me as pitting do to small pieces of gravel or something like that. Just enough to knock the clear coat off or some of it. I can still see paint though. Mine is mostly near the tires and front end.

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